Not uncommonly at Secret Oktober, we hear a customer say something like, “that’s a really cool sticker, but my car bumper is full so I don’t know where to stick it”. We’re here to tell you where to stick it (in the nicest possible way).

The first thing about stickers is to keep in mind they work better on hard, non-porous surfaces. The second thing to keep in mind is whether your sticker is made out of vinyl (which will work outside), or are paper-based (where it had better be indoors). Of course, you can take a paper-based sticker and laminating paper (or just clear packing tape), and leave ¼ inch lip around the edge of the sticker. This should give it an outdoor life of at least a year or two. If you have the choice, of course, vinyl stickers are going to work better outdoors.

Having said that, where (besides the car) can that sticker go? Well, the first obvious alternatives would be your bicycle or skateboard.

You can also put them on your laptop, making sure not to cover up any panels you need to have access to (battery, memory expansion, etc.) The top is usually safe. Putting them over the monitor is not recommended unless you are really serious about blocking the banner ads. :)

What about at home? Shelves, filing cabinets, and storage containers are too useful to do without, but if you don’t have the money to buy nice wooden ones, some well-chosen stickers can give them a lot more character than the plastic dye they came with.
filing cabinet stickers
Maybe you would like the person coming up to your door to immediately know something about you and your attitude to life. Putting some stickers on the window or doors is a good way to send your message to the world. The same can go for vinyl outdoor furniture. Mailboxes would be a good idea only if they belong to you.

Inside the house, refrigerators or other non-cooking appliances can be a good spot. The wall is also a great spot for a sticker, especially if you’ve already nicked the paint there, it’s your house, or you’ve written off the deposit as a lost cause already. Inflatable chairs (or other inflatable furniture) can also take a sticker, and in some cases you may even be able to plug a leak and extend the life of it. Stickers can be added to a stereo or speakers, as long as you keep it off of the front and back sides obviously.
stereo speaker with sticker
Stickers can add some personality to a lunchbox or patent leather purse, perhaps one you picked up for cheap at the thrift store.
lunchbox sticker
A few prominent stickers on your luggage can also be a good way to reduce the chance of your plain black luggage being picked up at the airport by somebody who honestly thinks it is theirs. Also reduces the chance of you picking up somebody else’s accidentally, and getting accused of theft, or just forced to wear somebody else’s clothes for your whole vacation.

Which is basically the essence of what stickers are for. The economics of mass production have made a lot of stuff look identical in this world. Don’t take that lying down. Paint them, patch them, modify them…and put a sticker on them for good measure.

music stickers at Secret Oktober
novelty stickers at Secret Oktober