Secret Oktober is a retail store that specializes in a variety of goth, punk, post-punk, alternative, darkwave, industrial, and horror styles, and other items in between. We sell both new & used merchandise. Clothing & accessories brands include but not limited to: Tripp, Too Fast, Jawbreaker, Alchemy Gothic, Re-Style, Sourpuss, and Pallbearer Press. We carry accessories: jewelry, hair dye by Special Effects & Directions, hosiery, belts, patches, pins, stickers, t-shirts, corsets, jewelry and more.
Are you a Halloween store?
While everyday is Halloween for the goth/industrial ilk, no, we are not specifically a Halloween store.  We are open all year round, and we don’t specialize in selling costumes.   Anytime of the year you can find unique clothes and accessories for any occasion at our store. We’re always happy to give you ideas for certain styles such as goth, punk, steampunk, 80’s etc.
Do you have another location?
No. Secret Oktober has only 1 brick and mortar location.
Do you own or co-own Elysium?
Strangely, we have heard this question many times.  The answer is NO!  We do not own Elysium nor run Elysium.  We support Elysium as a great place to go for going out.  We also sometimes sell tickets for Elysium, however any questions regarding booking or hosting events at Elysium needs to be discussed with Elysium ONLY.
Do you carry new clothing?
Yes! We carry new clothing by a variety of name brands for alternative clothing and accessories.
What do you mean by Vintage?
When we refer to vintage, we mean a used or dated item.  Vintage once meant to us, stuff older than 1960.  Well, now we’re a lot older, and realize that the 80’s fits into that mold as well. (shudder)  Yet, for those who collect old goth clothing brands, it IS vintage to them.  However, if we know the exact time period of a vintage item, we will list it as apart of the description.  This also includes concert t-shirts.
Do you do consignment?
Are you a local artist/designer that makes gothy, punk, steampunk, or alternative items? And you think it might fit in our store? Secret Oktober does accept items on consignment. While we can’t make any promises, you are welcome to contact us personally if you’re interested in selling your stuff in our store. If we have room, and we think it will work, we’ll be happy to accept them. Note, we DO NOT have room for house wares, large paintings, or dolls, so typically smaller items are preferred.  For more details, please email us at secretoktober23@gmail.com.
Do you you have a paper catalog?
No, we sell too many one-of-a-kind items to be able to do that. Our stock is always changing!
Do you offer wholesale?
No.  We are a retail store only.
Do you trade or buy items?
Yes, we do trade! Yet, we’re very picky about trade. If you have something that’s in good condition, a name brand (Name brands for goth/punk/alternative items) or something really unique, you can bring it in for trade. We occasionally buy items (although there are times when we simply are not buying anything), yet you get more in trade. This depends on the time of month and what items you’re bringing in to trade/sell. If you’re looking to make a lot of money, you might want to try ebay or craigslist. Sorry, we don’t have a lot of room and need to be picky.   Also, please make sure whatever items you’re bringing in to TRADE OR SELL IS WASHED!!!! If you have any other questions, you’re welcome to call or email us.
Do you print your own Band or Movie T-Shirts?
No.  We do not print any music or movie merchandise.  We order our concert t-shirts from a variety of licensed wholesale dealers, which is why we cannot always stock shirts from every band that we would like to.
Do you do special orders?
We typically don’t do special orders.  However, if we’re already making an order for concert t-shirts, certain clothing brands or new accessories, we can possibly get an item on request.  We cannot guarantee it, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.  Yet, sorry we don’t go out of our way to make special orders.  One exception is for Alchemy Gothic Jewelry, and that will be with an upfront down payment.
Do you do Sales/Special Promotions/Coupons?
Yes, we do have sales! Yet, in order to take advantage of our sales or special promotions, it’s best to follow us through our email list, facebook, instagram, twitter or simply view our website (under the Sales and Store Events section).
We sometimes provide coupons through social media or paper coupons.  However, WE DO NOT HONOR 3RD PARTY COUPONS!!! There are sites whose only purpose is to provide coupons. They will gather coupons from any company with or WITHOUT permission. These coupons are typically expired or not legitimate.  We will never honor anything that doesn’t come from us directly.  Nor will we honor expired coupons!! No exceptions!
Can I purchase your items online?
We do NOT have an online store. If you see something on social media, but do not live in the Austin area, feel free to contact us, and we can give you a shipping quote. Sorry, we do NOT ship internationally. Also, we purchase tracking for everything that we mail, so the shipping might be a little higher than you thought.
Can I purchase your items over the phone?
No, we don’t take orders over the phone.
What is your return policy?
We DO NOT do returns/exchanges.  All sales are final!  Yet, we might make some exceptions.  You are more than welcome to contact us about possible exchanges or returns.  Yet, we judge on a case by case basis.
What Methods of Payment do you Accept?
We accept cash, credit, and debit.  Credit Cards we accept are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.  We can also accept electronic payments, such as Apple Pay. If we agree to do an online order, we accept PayPal. Sorry, we DO NOT accept checks!
Do You Hold Items?
No.  We do not hold items without payment.
Do you do Layaway?
Sorry, we no longer do layaway.