Warning: Tickets will only be online until 7:30 pm on July 3rd! (You can still purchase tickets at Secret Oktober's physical store until 8pm)
To buy tickets for modwheelmood & subNatural performing Live at Elysium in Austin, Texas, on Friday, July 3rd, 2009, you will need to go to paypal. Please send $12 per ticket to secretoktober23@yahoo.com, and mention that it is for the modwheelmood show! You must state which show it is because we're selling tickets for different shows! You will receive a confirmation email & confirmation number for your purchase. However, if you do not get a confirmation email & number within in 2 days of purchase, PLEASE write us back! Also, make sure to check your spam filters! If for some unfortunate reason the show gets canceled, you will receive a refund via pay-pal or by coming into the store. You will need to have the tickets as a form of receipt in order to get a refund. If you purchase online, the refund will be via pay-pal. Give 2 full business day for processing. Also, make sure your pay-pal information is updated with your correct name. If you do Will Call, we need your name information to be CORRECT otherwise, it will hinder your chances of getting in.